Matt & Samantha Formals | Snowbasin & Pineview

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Mikaela's Bridals | Utah Orchard

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Happy wedding day to Harrison and Mikaela! 

I have been dying to share this amazing spring session since April! Mikaela was stunning and Manning orchard could not have looked better, the blossoms were beautiful. Now it's finally time to shoot their gorgeous wedding day, so happy for them! 

IMG_0011IMG_0011 IMG_0019IMG_0019


IMG_0021IMG_0021 IMG_0033IMG_0033


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Sydney's Bridals | Huntsville UT

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Trevor + Michelle | Oh Baby! | Mantua Poppy Field

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Oh how happy I am for these two! They are the sweetest couple ever and I'm so blessed to have this girl as my best friend! We had been planning on this poppy field session for quite some time and I was so excited! Let me just tell you that I had NO CLUE what was about to happen...... keep scrolling

IMG_8951IMG_8951 IMG_8958IMG_8958 IMG_8981BWIMG_8981BW IMG_9054IMG_9054 IMG_9063IMG_9063 IMG_9064IMG_9064 IMG_9018BWIMG_9018BW IMG_8983BWIMG_8983BW

We were almost half way through the session, everything was going as normal. Laughing, twirling, having a good time. It literally happened as pictured below. Smile, kiss and BOOM... BABY!! WHAT!?!?! I think I had looked down at my camera for a moment to see the image I had just taken and Trevor just whipped this sweet little ultrasound pic out of his back pocket! I had absolutely NO CLUE this was coming, like not even an inkling. I seriously wish someone had been filming this moment because guys I was literally screaming and jumping for joy. Now if you've ever been to the poppy fields you know there's about one million other people. I'm sure they were all looking at me like I was crazy, but holy moly was I excited and so freaking surprised! They got me good! We finished the session in the poppies and got the most adorable announcement pictures. I cannot wait to meet this little babe! Congrats Trevor and Michelle you are going to be amazing parents! 

IMG_9124IMG_9124 IMG_9130IMG_9130 IMG_9139IMG_9139 IMG_9149IMG_9149 IMG_9151IMG_9151 IMG_9178IMG_9178 IMG_9189IMG_9189 IMG_9227IMG_9227 IMG_9190IMG_9190 IMG_9249BWIMG_9249BW IMG_9265IMG_9265 IMG_9390IMG_9390 IMG_9404IMG_9404

Poulsen family | Beach Session

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IMG_1232IMG_1232 IMG_1230IMG_1230 IMG_1222IMG_1222 IMG_1141IMG_1141 IMG_1168IMG_1168 IMG_1208IMG_1208 IMG_1188IMG_1188 IMG_1171IMG_1171 IMG_1236BWIMG_1236BW IMG_0067IMG_0067 IMG_0071IMG_0071 IMG_0157IMG_0157 IMG_0155IMG_0155 IMG_0168IMG_0168 IMG_0231-2IMG_0231-2 IMG_0216IMG_0216 IMG_0082IMG_0082 IMG_0015IMG_0015 IMG_0240IMG_0240 IMG_0199IMG_0199

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